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What impact could driverless cars have on car industry jobs in Australia?

What impact could driverless cars have on car industry jobs in Australia?

When it comes to jobs and driverless cars, much of the focus is on the threat they pose to professional drivers, taking away opportunities from thousands of people who depend on driving for their livelihoods.

But the advent of driverless cars may also offer opportunities for the Australian car industry, according to the head of the body representing employers in Queensland’s automotive industry.

In an interview with The Conversation, Dr Brett Dale, chief executive officer at the Motor Trades Association of Queensland, predicts that the arrival of autonomous cars will affect many areas of the automotive industry.

In particular, says Dale, collision avoidance technology is already reducing demand for vehicle body repair, while the transition to electric vehicles is impacting mechanical repair businesses.

As a result, the advent of autonomous electric vehicles means that existing technicians are likely to need to acquire extensive skills for the maintenance and repair requirements of electric engines, says Dale.

In the interview, he also suggests that the artificial intelligence components of such vehicles may mean that the industry jobs of the future come to be more closely aligned with software engineering than mechanical engineering.

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