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Ten questions with Bestmile’s Gilles Simeon

Ten questions with Bestmile’s Gilles Simeon

In a regular series of interviews, we speak to autonomous vehicle industry recruiters to find out what they're looking for in candidates, how their recruitment process typically works and what advice they’d give to those pursuing a career in autonomous and connected vehicles.

In our latest Q&A, we catch up with Gilles Simeon, HR Business Partner / Talent Acquisition Manager at mobility services platform Bestmile.

1. Can you tell us a bit about Bestmile and the roles you typically recruit for?

We mainly recruit technology profiles, ideally people with a computer science, math, or data science background (MS or PhD), and/or that are well versed in Scala programming and algorithm development. In addition to skills and experience we put a lot of emphasis on hiring people with the right mindset and drive. Our engineers have to be good communicators, team oriented, supportive and able to connect their technical roles with our business goals.

2. What types of candidate should apply to Bestmile?

Individuals with a positive outlook, skilled but humble, and with a good sense of humor!  Someone who is more likely to use the "we" than "I".

3. How does the recruiting process usually work at Bestmile?

We hold between four and five interviews, all registered in our ATS, and give a technology assignment or test, which can take days to be completed!

4. What experience or expertise do you value most in applicants?

We want people that are at the top of their disciplines, so that we can always get better, move faster, and grow stronger. We value a solutions mindset, being team-oriented and easy to work with, and with strong EQs and IQs.

5. How much competition is there for the best candidates?

In order to work in Switzerland you must be Swiss or an EU Passport holder. For the others the process to get a work permit is much more complicated. So, it makes our pool of candidates smaller.

6. What mistakes do candidates typically make during the application/interview process?

Some of them have not spent enough time to get a clear understanding of what Bestmile is doing. Or they don’t ask more questions about "why" we are doing what we are doing. We like curious people.

7. What skills do you think will be most important for candidates as the autonomous and connected vehicles sector develops?

The market is developing and there are not a lot of candidates with experience in this specific market segment. Candidates have to be very technically skilled but amongst skilled engineers, we would pick the ones with the right attitude and compatibility with the team.

8. How many roles do you expect to recruit for over the next twelve months?

Around 10 positions, mainly technical positions.

9. What one piece of advice would you give to someone seeking to build a career in autonomous and connected vehicles?

It is a good time to apply and you will be given the opportunity to join an exciting, rapidly growing industry due to the scarcity of profiles coming from this sector. We are at the beginning of what is expected to be massive growth in the mobility business, which will provide you with many opportunities in the future.

10. Finally, what would attract someone to develop their career at Bestmile?

Our company is not going to have an impact only on our industry, but also on larger social, economic, and environmental issues. For people that want their work to make a difference, this industry in general and Bestmile in particular can help you to achieve your goals.


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