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NAVYA and INSAVALOR launch autonomous vehicle courses

NAVYA and INSAVALOR launch autonomous vehicle courses

Autonomous vehicles developer NAVYA has partnered with professional development provider INSAVALOR to offer and develop a range of training courses for those involved in autonomous vehicles.

The initiative, “NAVYA ACADEMY by INSAVALOR”, will combine INSAVALOR’s expertise in continuous professional development with NAVYA’s autonomous vehicles know-how, to offer a range of training courses for people working in the new professions emerging from the autonomous vehicles industry.

“As a leading player in autonomous mobility, it is our responsibility to train professionals in these new fields who can contribute to the growth of this new solutions for smart and shared mobility,” said Jérôme Rigaud, Chief Operating Officer of NAVYA. 

The partners will offer training courses for the following professions: shuttle operator, commissioning officer, supervision technician and maintenance technician. Over time, the initiative will also include a related skills certification scheme.

The companies said that the partnership resulted from several months of analysis to better focus on the activities and skills required for the implementation and use of autonomous vehicles.

“For several years, INSAVALOR has been involved in supporting companies whose field of activity is undergoing changes,” said Michel Descombes, INSAVALOR Board Member responsible for the project with NAVYA.

“With the creation of NAVYA ACADEMY by INSAVALOR, we bring our expertise to skills engineering, with the opportunity to put our methodologies into practice within a highly technological and innovative industry.”

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