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Lyft appoints head of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Lyft appoints head of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Ride-hailing service Lyft has appointed its first Head of Machine Learning and Intelligence, as it seeks to deepen its understanding of its drivers and riders and the cities in which they live.

Tal Shaked joins the company from Google, where he led the Machine Learning Accelerated team at Google Brain, the company’s deep learning artificial intelligence research team.

Shaked is also a co-founder of Sibyl, which was the most widely deployed machine learning platform at Google in 2015, and co-developed RankNet, which won the ICML Test of Time Award in 2015. He is also a professional chess player and Grandmaster.

As it welcomed the new appointment, Lyft said that it was excited to increase the use of machine learning (ML) technology across the company, in areas including Science, Data, Infrastructure and Product.

“Lyft is a data driven company, and we’ve already been using ML technologies to address a variety of product challenges, such as matching riders with drivers and optimizing incentives,” said Eisar Lipkovitz, Executive Vice President of Engineering at Lyft.

“I’m looking forward to accelerate incorporating ML and AI disciplines into Lyft’s product and experience under Tal’s leadership.”

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