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Ten questions with Pierre Bourgin, General Manager, NAVYA

Ten questions with Pierre Bourgin, General Manager, NAVYA

In the first of a new series of interviews, we speak to autonomous vehicle industry recruiters to find out what they're looking for in candidates, how their recruitment process typically works and what advice they’d give to those pursuing a career in autonomous and connected vehicles.

To kick off the series, we caught up with Pierre Bourgin, General Manager, North America for NAVYA.

1. Can you tell us a bit about NAVYA and the roles you typically recruit for?

A pioneer and specialist in the autonomous vehicle market, NAVYA assists cities and private sites around the world in improving their transport offer with its autonomous, driverless and electric solutions. At the cutting edge of technology, NAVYA revolutionizes trips by offering fluid mobility solutions.

NAVYA’s impact is international. Its multidisciplinary team of experts is motivated by one principle objective: offering new mobility solutions that are more intelligent and more fluid, thereby taking part in the sustainable transformation of everyday life.

Our subsidiary was created to have a sales presence and a means of production. Therefore, we recruit all support staff, technicians for our assembly line and some more specific roles to handle the added services we offer, such as commissioning of our shuttles, supervision and others.

2. What types of candidate should apply?

For our production line, technicians with hands on experience in the automotive industry is a good fit. We have three main traits: Mechanical, Electrical and Body (Gel Coats).

For our commissioning positions, field technicians with troubleshooting experience and an after sales attitude to handle stressed clients is usually a good fit. In the past, veterans have been a good bet for us in those commissioning and maintenance positions.

As we ramp up, we will have more openings for sales and support staff positions as well.

3. How does the recruiting process typically work at NAVYA?

HR meeting, Manager meeting and team meeting if possible, to understand more concretely about the position from peers and to assess personality fit.


“Know exactly what your purpose is and why this field is a passion for you.”


4. What experience or expertise do you value most in applicants?

People that believe in our vision and want to be part of this revolution with the right experiences.

5. How much competition is there for the best candidates?

It really depends on the position, some are harder than others to fill.

6. What mistakes do candidates typically make during the application/interview process?

When applicants forget about the company and vision. They are looking for a job and salary more than contributing to this revolution.

7.  What skills do you think will be most important for candidates as the autonomous vehicle industry develops?

Electrical in production is one skill that is hard to find.

8. How many roles do you expect to recruit for over the next twelve months?

We hope to hire about 30+ in the next year.

9. What one piece of advice would you give to someone seeking to build a career in autonomous vehicles?

Know exactly what your purpose is and why this field is a passion for you.


“We are making this revolution a reality.”


10. Finally, what would attract someone to develop their career at NAVYA?

NAVYA is one of the only OEM’s dedicated to autonomous that has sold these driverless vehicles worldwide and carried over 275,000+ people in permanent operations safely. We are making this revolution a reality.

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