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Autonomous driving at heart of new Cambridge University course

Autonomous driving at heart of new Cambridge University course

Cambridge University’s Department of Engineering has announced the launch of a new information engineering course with a focus on autonomous driving.

The course for second-year undergraduate students, taught by Professor Roberto Cipolla, Dr Richard Turner and Dr Glenn Vinnicombe, aims to provide a unified view of information engineering, showing how signal processing, computer vision, machine learning and control relate to one another.

As part of the course, example applications are drawn from autonomous driving, and guest lecturers from industry will introduce the students to the anatomy of a self-driving car and its autonomous driving hardware.

The university has designed the new syllabus in response to a global shortage of engineers who are familiar with the topics covered by the course.

“We’re delighted to launch this new course at a time when there is a desperate shortage of engineers who are familiar with computer vision, deep learning and reinforcement learning,” said Professor Cipolla.

“We use the example application of autonomous driving to provide a real-world case study of important concepts and sub-areas of information engineering. This course also aims to equip students with the ability to solve simple computer vision and machine learning problems, including object detection and segmentation, and sequential decision-making.”

Guest lecturers invited to talk as part of the new course include Dr Alex Kendall, co-founder of Cambridge-based machine learning company Wayve. The firm has been testing its self-driving cars on the city’s roads since January 2018.

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