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AI‌ could impact a third of UK‌ jobs, says report

AI‌ could impact a third of UK‌ jobs, says report

The UK‌ job market is forecast to change drastically in the coming years as the uptake of artificial intelligence creates as many as 133 million new jobs around the world.

That’s according to a forthcoming report that predicts that in the UK‌ alone, up to a third of jobs will be automated or likely to change as a result of the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI).

The research from recruiter Robert Walters and market analysis firm Vacancy Soft – ‘Harnessing the Power of AI: The Demand for Future Skills’ – found that, as a result, as many as 10.5 million UK‌ workers could be affected.

Ollie Sexton, Principal at Robert Walters, said that as businesses come to rely more on AI, there is increasing pressure on the processes of data capture and integration. “As a result, we have seen an unprecedented number of roles being created with data skill-set at their core.”

“Now is the perfect time to start honing UK talent for the next generation of AI-influenced jobs,” continued Sexton. “If you look at the statistics in this report we can see that demand is already rife, what we are at risk of is a shortage of talent and skills.”

According to the research, data roles have increased by 80% since 2015, with key areas of growth including data scientists and engineers. Year-on-year, job vacancies for data scientists have increased by 110%, while jobs for data engineers have grown by 86%.

Tom Chambers, Manager - Advanced Analytics and Engineering at Robert Walters said that while the uptake of AI‌ is bringing about rapid change, it is also creating opportunities, with the retail, professional services and technology industries striving to develop digitally engaging products and services.

“What we are seeing is that of those businesses that are prepared to invest heavily in AI and data analytics they are already outperforming their competitors – and so demand for talent in this area shows no signs of wavering.”

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